Tear Tale

Crying is okay here...

Although weeping can be seen as a sign of weakness or sentimentality, it is widely acknowledged that those who express and own their feelings are healthier, happier and even live longer. It has been suggested that weeping, sobbing and even better - wailing, all have a therapeutic value equal to that of meditation and yoga. Quelling the negative health aspects of stress, anger and anxiety - even raising immune function. I know that when I have the odd night to myself and allow the tears that well up to come out unhindered, I often feel relaxed and cleansed, sleep better and wake feeling refreshed.

  • (Did u Know :Onions make you cry because they release a chemical which turns into sulphuric acid on conatact with your eye surface. But your tear reflex renders the sulphuric acid almost harmless.)


  1. i do cry.. thats why....:P

  2. hey nce.. so tel me abt lesic i may nt get tears!!!!!