World Heart Day

Heart diseases rank number one in global occurrence of death. Yes,deaths due to heart diseases has doubled in India,itʼs 28% now as compared to 15% ration of heart diseases in 1990 s.In the light of modern technology and current knowledge we are yet facing devastating events, yes the heart diseases and lifestyle disorders are increasing when compared to the ratio in 1990s.
One explanation may be the fact that cardiovascular disorders are very unpredictable, they may begin abrupt leading to sudden serious disturbances of heart and death.

Sometimes we lack the power to change like family history of heart diseases passing through genes, sex or age but that doesnʼt mean we should accept it as our fate all the times.proper lifestyle ,diet ,exercise with appropriate medical interventions might delay the problem or even put a stop. Here are the pointers for the etiology of heart diseases and action to be taken-

 —-Smoking and alcohol and substance misuse
 When it comes to these habits no amount of smoking and alcohol is safe ..they are direct causes of heart disease, chemicals in tobacco damage heart blood vessels , builds plaques, arrows arteries leading to atherosclerosis and myocardial infarction.These have increased over the years and so the risk coronary heart disease (CAD) ..increases almost that of an non smoker in about 15 years. Smokeless tobacco, low nicotine cigars, low tar cigar , secondhand smoke all can be dangerous and increase the risk of heart disease ,even so called social smoking while only with friends can be risky. Women who smoke while consuming contraceptive pills are at greater risk of clots, heart attack and smoke.

One word , one main cause leading to different health disorders is stress. Earlier activities such as house cleaning, gardening, taking children n pet to play and walk, climb stairs, do house hold work manually were normal exercises which were reaping benefits, these physical activities would put a control on body weight and reduce the occurrence rates of high blood pressure , diabetes, high cholesterol and the strain on heart used to be low. Even shorter amounts of exercise reaps great heart benefits, being overweight and obese specially the fat around the abdomen that is waist circumference and abdominal fat matter too. Coping stress in unhealthy way like eating more , binge eating or anorexia nervous can have impact too. Finding an alternative way of managing stress such as relaxation techniques , meditation, yoga , pranayama,30 minutes of physical activity 5 days a week, aerobics , brisk walk offer great heart benefits.

——- Sleep
Getting good quality sleep is missing in this generation where most of the population is addicted to large screen times, working in night shifts, late watching , sleep apnoea , breathing troubles ...these conditions on prolonged time causes disturbance in hypothalamus that is sleep-wake cycle increases the risk of heart diseases. Making sleep a priority in life and sticking to a schedule is the solution.most adults need six to nine hours of sleep daily to feel fresh and to awake energised.

Diet lacking in fruits vegetables, too much sugar salt,high fats are all another direct load on our heart disorders. In this generation the trans fat ,hydrogenated,saturated fats like red meat , palm oil,crackers, chips, cookies,deep fried food, baked foods have all increased adding to more junk food .The increased exposure of chemicals and pesticides to the cultivated crops is a major culprit. Dietary approaches to stop hypertension (DASH) , Mediterranean diet , free dairy products,beans, low fat, lean meats,fish should be encouraged.Having 5 to 10 serving of fruits and vegetables a day is suggestible.

——- Getting regular health check up s and medical intervention .
Regular and early screening can help detect diseases specially in aged population to reduce the risks.Make sure to take medications prescribed by your doctor and follow a healthy lifestyle.


The start of new life in a women is the most precious time...yay yes it’s pregnancy.Its time to know new changes in your body coming as u live through coming months of gestation.it’s common to have mental confusion and symptoms during pregnancywhich is termed as pregnancy induced brain fag ..which is all because of raising pregnancyhormones and is normal.
Here is what you can do about it

_Prepare yourself , this phase is temporary and about to pass. Acetylcholine is a chemical released from brain which plays important role in balancing memory.
So, please Have foods rich in choline like foods having DHA and Omega 3 fatty acids like walnuts, flax seeds, well cooked salmon fish, which is healthy for both you and baby s brain development.

_Get help_ please have a support system from tour spouse, parents , or maid or known trusty people to have a good emotional support and peace during the course.

_Organise _ write down your plans, like visit to your doctor, taking prenatal supplements, other house chores , so that you will not forget. discuss things which you feel weird with your childbirth educator.

_Take a deep breath _ Stress and mental confusion will only cloud the brain even more, relax and engage in light physical exercises. Have a good sense of humour, take it light, finally who is going to blame you if you kept the television remote in fridge. Its a phase and shall pass.
Enjoy the changes in your body and growing baby phase of your pregnancy, take care.


Relieve Painful periods...

Painful periods ??? ---The main cause of Absenteeism in females below the age of 30 ..!!!! we want you to relieve it gently..
Normal menstrual cycles that is associated with pain is medically coined as dysmenorrhoea. 

Dysmenorrhoea is very common , sometimes goes unnoticed due to unprecise incidence. Pain during menses is usually due to imbalance in harmone secretion that causes vasoconstriction and uterine contractions causing pain.sometimes associated with nausea, vomiting, headache ,irritability ... It may be primary or secondary depending upon the incidence.

PRIMARY DYSMENORRHOEA~_It is usually seen in young females , onsets with the beginning of cycle and lasts for 24 to 72 hours ._there is no pelvic pathology associated._ usually seen around menarche or 6 months to one year after menarche.

SECONDARY DYSMENORRHOEA~More likely seen after many years of onset of menstrual cycles, begins with the flow and pain stays through out the menstruation. _associated with fibroids, adhesions, PID, endometriosis, IUD like copper T insertion, or developmental anomalies.

Please make some lifestylemodifications, follow anticramp diet _Make sure you have sufficient vit d_ calcium and magnesium. Have tender sun exposure, foods rich in iron and calcium like dates , figs, milk, yoghurt, paneer, palak, omega 3 like flax seeds, walnut. And vit b rich foods, banana and green leaves. Cut down on excess caffine, nicotine and alcohol.Hydrate- consume 8 to 10 glasses of water a day.Hot compression over the anterior pelvic area is suggestible.

Homeopathy offers you a quick fix specially in primary dysmenorrhoea without any side effects. We wil take into consideration your attributes, lifestyle, constitutional makeup and prescribe the similimum homeopathic remedy for you with assured results. IF dysmenorrhoea is secondary we need to treat the cause to annhilate the pain and treat accordingly.please visit nearest homeopath.wishing you Good health, take care.


Cold feet cursing you?

Cold feet is more common in women than men. Skin in the foot is thin and it has less sub cutaneous fat 
which is the main reason to feel extreme cold in the peripheral tissues like foot termed as distal hypothermia - cold extremities.

Lifestyle pattern accelerates ageing and worsens tissue pattern of foot and blood supply to the extremities. 
Cold feet can also be because of crash diet and less iron in the food, which regulates thyroid functioning and blood supply.

Tips to avoid cold feet:

_----Follow a proper nutritional plan ,and foods rich in iron folate and vitamin B12 - 
have dark green leafy vegetables, spinach, beetroot, pumpkin seeds, fish , eggs, nuts and watermelon.

----Have foods rich in vitamin K - which improves the ability of cardiac muscles and blood pumping like apricots ,celery, 
ginger , salmon fish, oninons and salad.

----sleep well and exercise well , move your body , have brisk walk, run or gym to boost your hormonal 
activity and anti ageing and increase peripheral blood supply and efficient pumping through out the body

----Otimum hydration is necessary , 6 to 8 glasse of water everyday which moisturises your skin and retains heat.

----wear right shoes and right socks- choose natural woolen socks and have foot spa with warm 
water to regulate the heat and circulation from outside.


Stale Story

Summer holidays ...perfect time to take an outing , to the beach or outdoor picnic,attend mass functions ,celebration and partying. Unfortunately your fun could be ruined by food poisoning and diarrhoea, which frequently accompany these warm weather activities. It is mild for most people but sometimes become severe and even deadly.

Food poisoning occurs when undercooked meats and dairy products (like potato salad) sit out too long. Food poisoning is entirely preventable. Practicing good sanitation and food handling techniques can help to avoid food poisoning.
Food poisoning can be caused by: Boutulism(Cl. Botulinum) ,Campylobacter,Cholera,some viruses,E coli,Staphylococcus,shigella,salmonella, yersinia.

While most cases of food poisoning and diarrhea spontaneously resolve in a few days, shortening the recovery period to a few hours is preferable, especially since one of the most common and fairly serious complications of diarrhoea is dehydration. Drinking fluids (except coffee and milk) seems to be solution. But what do you do if diarrhea is paired with such severe nausea and vomiting that you cannot drink? Then a trip to the emergency room is your only option. Stomach ailments are no picnic.
Here is where homeopathy comes to the rescue.Homeopathy was discovered and then developed into a system of medicine by German physician Samuel Hahnemann over 200 years ago. Diarrhoea is a condition for which the benefits of homeopathy have been repeatedly demonstrated in well-designed clinical studies. When used appropriately, they cause no side effects. In cases of food poisoning & acute diarrhoea, the beneficial results after just a single dose of a homoeopathic remedy can be seen in as less as 15 to 30 minutes.

How do you take homeopathic remedies? visit us or visit the emergency room. Practice good sanitation.Eat right and live right. It is wise to be cautious.


Happy Ageing My Dearest Women...

International women's day is celebrated to observe social, economic, political and individual growth across the globe, we feel proud that we have come a long way ahead when compared to our mother's and grand mother's. As we look back in to their lives , who have moulded our beautiful present , we feel ..we are more independent ,ultramodern ,senectuous and technologically progressed.  .But ..Just a thought...Isn't there anything that we need to Learn from our Genes??

"Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter."shadowed Mark twain. we have forgotton to age gracefully. Healthy aging is to accept the fact that we are aging,awareness in inner-self,feeling more alive and keeping connected and less isolated.

As we the women approach mid-40's menopause hits with a black cloud on many. weight gain, mood swings, less libido,hot flushes,night sweats,increased menstrual cycles,headaches, body aches and boneloss ,fogginess, disturbed sleep are the experiencing transcendence's  Its the ageing body but have an undying spirit to follow the pathways to alleviate the menopausal blues.

Reduce the intake of refined sugars,have optimum diet rich in proteins, essential fatty acids, veggies and fruits.Include Soyabeans- Rich in phyto-estrol and iso-flavanes which helps to reduce menopausal conditions (contradicted in thyroid). Intake Flax seeds and flaxseeds oil which helps to balance the estrol levels decreasing mood swings and hot flushes.Citrus fruits- Vitamin c in citrus fruits will help alleviate some of the fatigue and emotional stress you may be experiencing.Yams -The root vegetables are high in estrogen and have been found to help balance estrogen levels during menopause. Consume at least 1000 to 1500 milligrams of calcium a day-One glass of milk contains about 300 mg of calcium.Limit your consumption of smoking,caffeine, sugar, salt, and alcohol. Stay hydrated with cucumbers and watermelon into your diet. Aim to consume at least two litres of water per day.Put your body and mind at ease.Do things that make you happy and help you to relax.

Woman is blend of intuition,beauty,brains,who can put all things right.Ageing and Menopausal phase of life should not be seen as disorder,but as a transition and a time to embrace what lies ahead.Happy ageing. Age gracefully.


Simplify ...Life

The famous Epigram of Pluto goes as ... "I throw the apple at you, and if you are willing to love me, take it and share it; but if your thoughts are what I pray they are not, even then take it, and consider how short-lived is beauty...

Short lived is Beauty and so is our LifeThen why do we want to imprison ourselves in the burning anxieties, stress, chronic fear, boredom ,competencies and complications,?!! On This World Mental Health day decide to leave this all behind and Relax, take a deep breath , sleep well,take time out to do the things that you enjoy,connect and share your thoughts and feelings with mates,if not seek help.Anxiety is a normal reaction to stressful situations. But in some cases, it becomes excessive and can cause dread to everyday situations.Fear of rejection ,irrational expectations,trembling,irritability , insomia,headches, tiredness,muscle tension,frequent urination, dysphagia all are associated.Exposure to feared items may cause panic attacks.

  • Relax, try to take deep breath , have positive outlook in every approach.
  • Make a problem check list -try to avoid it or combat it- any anxiety may be terryfying but it doest harm u directly, its the respone we adhere to it , changes the situation.
  • Get enough sleep
  • Breathe Easy - breathe in to nose , hold it for few seconds and release it slowly.
  • Lying on back, tense your toes for ten seconds, realease it slowly.
  • Relax- talk to your friend, take a aroma bath,do the work you enjoy, surf the net, meditate, yoga, theres no limitation of things which u need to do to relax.
  • simplify our lifestyle- do a thing at a time 
  • Get help - if you suffer despite following this,Involve in Talking therapy - cognitive behavioral therapy-CBT for chronic uncontrolled anxiety involve  graded exposure and relaxation training. Medication - Homeopathic medications are most effective to combat  chronic uncontrollable anxieties to improve the essence of self ,simplify life and to reconnect.,forget worries and embrace enjoyment. Body achieves what mind believes. Have a healthy mind,Happy world Mental Health Day.


The Sunshine Vitamin..

Do you often complain of Chronic Back Pain , musculoskeletal pain ,irritable bowel,inflammatory pain or neuropathy ???

Then its Better to walk in the sun and spare the umbrellas for the rainy days.
Non-Exposure to Sun ,the current lifestyle of working long hours in indoor artificial ventilation and misuse of sunscreens hamper the ability to create Vitamin -D . The Sunshine Vitamin- Vitamin D is produced by our skin in response to UV radiation from sunlight.A person deficient in vitamin D doesn't absorb enough calcium, even if the intake of calcium is high.Daily allowance is recommend taking around 5,000 IU but varies.
Previously it was known that not enough vitamin D caused  Rickets and Osteomalacia(Bone disease), but more recent discoveries suggest vitamin D deficiency as a major contributor in  heart disease, stroke, blood pressure,depression, chronic pain, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, muscle weakness, muscle wasting, birth defects, periodontal disease, cancer and more.Vitamin D has also repeatedly shown great promise in fighting off colds and flu and outweighs the pre-mature ageing ,melonoma and skin cancer.

The best source of vitamin D comes from SUNAt least fifteen to thirty minutes of direct sun exposure daily is recommended .Other Dietary Sources include fish liver oils,Cod liver oil,eggs,milk,orange ,mushrooms.

Its more a lifestlye disorder which can be prevented by proper sunlight exposure and dietary supplementation.We also help it through channelling Homoeopathic medications.

You cannot simply go wrong if you utilise the every option ahead you where a thousands of bugs can be saved and avoid many chronic diseases associated with sunshine vitamin deficiency. 


Hair Health

Hair is a significant adornment for humans. Hair can symbolize strength, virility, affluence, and health.A full head of healthy, voluminous, lusturous  hair  indicates your body health .As you all are aware,some people even after Simple Flu or convalescence shred hair. so inspite of being a peripheral organ it is significant since any minor changes in your health and body would be immediately represented on the Hair and Scalp.

If you have Iron or protein deficiency or eating disorder and malnutrition,it is not unusual to experience severe hair loss.And since more hair may be shed without  replacement ,it can be a noticeable thinning with time. Thyroid disease ,PCOD can also show up  hair loss.
Heredity baldness,or male pattern thinning medically known as androgenetic alopecia, affects up to one third of men,which typically begins at the temples or vertex is permanent.its mainly because your male harmone testostrone is converted in to DHT ,who are prone genetically.Stress ,faulty lifestyle,diet can also add on.

We are tormenting and performing tremendous damage to hair using chemicals,straightning,perming,as well as by simply aiming the blow dryer at our head every morning which leaves hair dry,dull,frizzy,fringed.These self-inflicted abuses damage the outer layer cuticle and leads to breakage and splits.

Seeing a swarm of hair in the morning while you comb is'nt  necessarily an alarm,unlike hair has a life cycle where it grows ,rests and falls.some people would shred hair in the fall phase which is called hibernation period, loosing 100 strands daily is normal since you have 1,30,000-1,40,000 follices on your scalp.even as several strands fall out, dozens of new ones are just on their way in to replace them. So unless you're starting to notice visible thinning of your hair on your scalp, chances are the loss is nothing more than natural, everyday shedding.
But  being a cue that your need to treat your hair more carefully, unhealthy strands can also be an indicator of an unhealthy diet. Without adequate protein, growing hair will not be  strong and resilient.Essential fatty acids found in fish oil supplements, wild salmon, and flax seeds,walnuts may also play a role in keeping strands strong, shiny and healthy.Anti DHT diet soyabean,chienese cabbage,beans,green tea consumed daily would help. If your diet is lacking them, try increasing them in your consumption and see if your hair eats it up!


One life to live..

Have we really procured Freedom??? The interpretation might be Yes , we might have got Freedom ,but in Indian Scenario we still need to continue Quit India movement by eliminating  one disease every year.With Advancement in Science & Technology with newer medical approaches we have accomplished complete control over infectious diseases and eradicated. But India Stands alone to be the world capital of diabetes!!!!!Life style disorders are the main antecedents of premature mortality and morbidity in our country, these are non communicable diseases which can be easily prevented with our changes in life style. These include Diabetes,Atherosclerosis& Cardiovascular diseases, Hypertension,Renal disorders,stroke,cancer,obesity..By 2020 Lifestyle diseases are expected to claim 7.63 million lives in India.  Lifestyle diseases are diseases that appear to become ever more widespread as countries become more industrialized. These can be potentially prevented with changes in our life style - diet,environment and our reaction to stressors.

Life style diseases are man made,workaholism,suffocating dispositions,consumption of meteric kilos of junk foods,fatty foods,cocktail partying/alcoholism/tobacco, Pseudo fallacies , Perfectionism,Lack of socializing,sedentary life habits with decreased exercises and body motility,irregular sleep patterns has lead to this Mad march.

 Homeopathy comes to rescue in lifestyle disorders,by uprooting the disease by recognizing multi factorial approach and psychosomatic ailments.Dr.Samuel Hahnemann says its Pseudo-chronic disease in Aphorism 77, which can be removed through improved mode of living.
Working upon this by complementing the systems of medicines rather than competing would be the step towards healing.Such interventions include diet rectifications (good nutrition), exercise, stress management, smoking cessation, and a variety of other non-drug modalities.There is one life to live,express yourself, socialize,have insights into life and motivation and live life in a healthiest way.A growing body of scientific evidence has demonstrated that lifestyle intervention is an essential component in the treatment of chronic disease that can be effective when used appropriately with medication and thus our future Generation can inherit wellness and not sickness from us.