The Sunshine Vitamin..

Do you often complain of Chronic Back Pain , musculoskeletal pain ,irritable bowel,inflammatory pain or neuropathy ???

Then its Better to walk in the sun and spare the umbrellas for the rainy days.
Non-Exposure to Sun ,the current lifestyle of working long hours in indoor artificial ventilation and misuse of sunscreens hamper the ability to create Vitamin -D . The Sunshine Vitamin- Vitamin D is produced by our skin in response to UV radiation from sunlight.A person deficient in vitamin D doesn't absorb enough calcium, even if the intake of calcium is high.Daily allowance is recommend taking around 5,000 IU but varies.
Previously it was known that not enough vitamin D caused  Rickets and Osteomalacia(Bone disease), but more recent discoveries suggest vitamin D deficiency as a major contributor in  heart disease, stroke, blood pressure,depression, chronic pain, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, muscle weakness, muscle wasting, birth defects, periodontal disease, cancer and more.Vitamin D has also repeatedly shown great promise in fighting off colds and flu and outweighs the pre-mature ageing ,melonoma and skin cancer.

The best source of vitamin D comes from SUNAt least fifteen to thirty minutes of direct sun exposure daily is recommended .Other Dietary Sources include fish liver oils,Cod liver oil,eggs,milk,orange ,mushrooms.

Its more a lifestlye disorder which can be prevented by proper sunlight exposure and dietary supplementation.We also help it through channelling Homoeopathic medications.

You cannot simply go wrong if you utilise the every option ahead you where a thousands of bugs can be saved and avoid many chronic diseases associated with sunshine vitamin deficiency. 


  1. The vitamin D receptor binds to upregulate or downregulate gene products.Not known what the effect of nutrition is on this interaction,but too much vitamin A and no vitamin D weakly stimulates.