Cold feet cursing you?

Cold feet is more common in women than men. Skin in the foot is thin and it has less sub cutaneous fat 
which is the main reason to feel extreme cold in the peripheral tissues like foot termed as distal hypothermia - cold extremities.

Lifestyle pattern accelerates ageing and worsens tissue pattern of foot and blood supply to the extremities. 
Cold feet can also be because of crash diet and less iron in the food, which regulates thyroid functioning and blood supply.

Tips to avoid cold feet:

_----Follow a proper nutritional plan ,and foods rich in iron folate and vitamin B12 - 
have dark green leafy vegetables, spinach, beetroot, pumpkin seeds, fish , eggs, nuts and watermelon.

----Have foods rich in vitamin K - which improves the ability of cardiac muscles and blood pumping like apricots ,celery, 
ginger , salmon fish, oninons and salad.

----sleep well and exercise well , move your body , have brisk walk, run or gym to boost your hormonal 
activity and anti ageing and increase peripheral blood supply and efficient pumping through out the body

----Otimum hydration is necessary , 6 to 8 glasse of water everyday which moisturises your skin and retains heat.

----wear right shoes and right socks- choose natural woolen socks and have foot spa with warm 
water to regulate the heat and circulation from outside.

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