Relieve Painful periods...

Painful periods ??? ---The main cause of Absenteeism in females below the age of 30 ..!!!! we want you to relieve it gently..
Normal menstrual cycles that is associated with pain is medically coined as dysmenorrhoea. 

Dysmenorrhoea is very common , sometimes goes unnoticed due to unprecise incidence. Pain during menses is usually due to imbalance in harmone secretion that causes vasoconstriction and uterine contractions causing pain.sometimes associated with nausea, vomiting, headache ,irritability ... It may be primary or secondary depending upon the incidence.

PRIMARY DYSMENORRHOEA~_It is usually seen in young females , onsets with the beginning of cycle and lasts for 24 to 72 hours ._there is no pelvic pathology associated._ usually seen around menarche or 6 months to one year after menarche.

SECONDARY DYSMENORRHOEA~More likely seen after many years of onset of menstrual cycles, begins with the flow and pain stays through out the menstruation. _associated with fibroids, adhesions, PID, endometriosis, IUD like copper T insertion, or developmental anomalies.

Please make some lifestylemodifications, follow anticramp diet _Make sure you have sufficient vit d_ calcium and magnesium. Have tender sun exposure, foods rich in iron and calcium like dates , figs, milk, yoghurt, paneer, palak, omega 3 like flax seeds, walnut. And vit b rich foods, banana and green leaves. Cut down on excess caffine, nicotine and alcohol.Hydrate- consume 8 to 10 glasses of water a day.Hot compression over the anterior pelvic area is suggestible.

Homeopathy offers you a quick fix specially in primary dysmenorrhoea without any side effects. We wil take into consideration your attributes, lifestyle, constitutional makeup and prescribe the similimum homeopathic remedy for you with assured results. IF dysmenorrhoea is secondary we need to treat the cause to annhilate the pain and treat accordingly.please visit nearest homeopath.wishing you Good health, take care.

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