Stuffy Sneeze - "Allergic Rhinitis"

Do you find yourself having a runny itchy nose, Itchy watery eyes and severe sneezing episodes, irritation in nose and throat, and feverish sensation?

Almost every one of us suffer from such set of symptoms once in a while. But in few people, the condition is pretty worse and stays for long duration leading to sinusitis. That is why treatment of allergic rhinitis needs to be done precisely and in time.If so, you may be suffering from allergic rhinitis and also you are among the estimated 25 per cent of the Indians affected by one or the other form of allergies.

Allergic rhinitis, pollenosis or hay fever is an allergic inflammation of the nasal airways. It occurs when an allergen such as pollen or dust is inhaled by an individual .Any other allergic factor may affect different people like perfume, smelling a rose, eating ice-creams or roaming in sun. The allergic triggers differ from person to person. Other causes may be Nasal Polyp(Mucous swellings),Deviated nasal septum or Excessive sensitivity to cold breeze or cold things.

Few Tips:
  • During the peak allergic weather use facemask while moving outdoors.
  • Minimise your early morning activity (between 5 and 10 a.m.) when pollen counts are higher.
  • Keep windows closed to prevent pollens and molds from drifting into your home. Air-conditioning can also help reduce your pollen exposure
  • Carpet and flooring: allergens are easily removed from carpet and floors by regular vacuuming.
  • Keep windows closed to prevent pollens and molds from drifting into your home.
Homoeopathy believes in innate tendencies. These triggers are mere external. But there is some internal derangement because of which the person gets susceptible to these external influences. This lack of optimum immunity is tackled by homeopathic medicines and that’s the reason why homeopathy is extremely successful in permanently providing solution to allergic rhinitis and sinusitis alike.


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