Warts - wiped!!

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Warts are benign growths caused by a virus.wart is a solid blister that can be contagious.Usually found due to the invasion of the outer skin layer (epidermis) by the human papilloma virus (HPV).

Plantar warts (Verruca pedis) found on soles of feet. Plantar warts are confused with corns and callosities.They usually have little black dots on their surface which are the ends of capillaries which corns do not have.Plantar warts are usually multiple as they spread to other parts of the foot, while corns are only found on weight-bearing areas.
Warts on other parts of the body grow outward, but on the foot, due to the pressure while walking, they grow inward and cause great pain.

Prevention-– don’t scratch them. Avoid nail biting and pulling off the skin around the nails, as a tiny cut or scratch makes the skin in the area more susceptible to developing warts as its contagious.
Homoeopathy is well-known for the treatment of warts without any invasive procedure, getting rid of the warts gently and fairly rapidly with almost no recurrence with constitutional remedy.Apredisposition to develop warts is passed down the family line and is often activated in an individual after numerous vaccinations. However, it should be remembered that unless this is followed by constitutional treatment to remove the predisposition, warts are likely to recur.


  1. i have a corn which is excised,still pain persisting in the part,nice explanation about corn n wart,want to hear more

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