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Summer holidays ...perfect time to take an outing , to the beach or outdoor picnic,attend mass functions ,celebration and partying. Unfortunately your fun could be ruined by food poisoning and diarrhoea, which frequently accompany these warm weather activities. It is mild for most people but sometimes become severe and even deadly.

Food poisoning occurs when undercooked meats and dairy products (like potato salad) sit out too long. Food poisoning is entirely preventable. Practicing good sanitation and food handling techniques can help to avoid food poisoning.
Food poisoning can be caused by: Boutulism(Cl. Botulinum) ,Campylobacter,Cholera,some viruses,E coli,Staphylococcus,shigella,salmonella, yersinia.

While most cases of food poisoning and diarrhea spontaneously resolve in a few days, shortening the recovery period to a few hours is preferable, especially since one of the most common and fairly serious complications of diarrhoea is dehydration. Drinking fluids (except coffee and milk) seems to be solution. But what do you do if diarrhea is paired with such severe nausea and vomiting that you cannot drink? Then a trip to the emergency room is your only option. Stomach ailments are no picnic.

Here is where homeopathy comes to the rescue.
Homeopathy was discovered and then developed into a system of medicine by German physician Samuel Hahnemann over 200 years ago. Diarrhoea is a condition for which the benefits of homeopathy have been repeatedly demonstrated in well-designed clinical studies. When used appropriately, they cause no side effects. In cases of food poisoning & acute diarrhoea, the beneficial results after just a single dose of a homoeopathic remedy can be seen in as less as 15 to 30 minutes.
How do you take homeopathic remedies? visit us or visit the emergency room. Practice good sanitation.Eat right and live right. It is wise to be cautious.


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  2. I was on Western, Chinese and other medical professionals, including all sorts of medicines and treatments off the internet. Words, candidly speaking, won’t express your God sent medical work, nor will words properly explain how grateful I am for what you have done for me. Thank you very much.”