Annihilating ADHD .......

Is your child intrusive,fidget,squirm,impatient,inattentive and hyperactive??
If its inclined so...your child needs to be identified early and intervened.

It might be Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD or ADD) which's mostly  seen in children having difficulty controlling their behavior with hyper-activity and diminished attention spells.

  • ADHD children are poor performers  in school due to deficit attention span .
  • ADHD children might be uncomfortably interrupting, verbally loud to make sure their needs are attended to. child chooses to do an activity himself, he may well sit and do it for hours and be completely involved in it,appearing silly and immature.
  • ADHD children may be perceived in the school environment as troublemakers.
  • They may be bright  but may not succeed  that requires sitting still, paying attention, and  concentration.
  • Parents complain forcing them again and again even to get the simplest things done.
  • They may show spaciness,intrusiveness, boredom, compulsive tendencies, depression or aggression, and lack of self-confidence.

    The symptoms of ADHD are under control as long as the medicines are administerd,what happens when the underlying cause is not resolved????when the child passes to adulthood??symptoms doesnot miraculously reduce until adressed .Significant improvement in the  behavioral&intellectual performance of the child can be seen with Constitutional Homeopathic treatment ,complete history istaken in  to consideration to select the right remedy as everything is inter dependent.  It would make just as much sense to have social skills training ,Behavioral therapy and learning assistance be used as an adjunct to medication.Identification and  Parent Counseling and Parent Training is as well significant.
    Homeopathic remedies work towards improving the constitution of the person. Acc to clinical evidence up to 64 % of parents of children with ADHD choose complementary and alternative medicine to treat their children&Homeopathy is one of the best preferred treatment modalities.