Weighty issue...

Its very natural to make new year resolution.As the  old year passes on we tend to  reflect on good things that have happened in the  past year, its natural to turn the page and look forward to the fresh New Year ahead of us.If your goal is to get healthy start yourselves by giving time for it.There are lots of people suffering from obesity ,weight issues and risks of obesity.Obesity reduces the life expectancy,doubles the risk of hypertension ,stroke,diabetes mellitus,metabolic disorders  such as Gout,Cholestrol in arteries,gall bladder stone.An obese adult has to stick to his daily diet providing 1300 kcal (calorie) which may help in reducing about 0.5 - 1 Kg. a week.have low fat,high protein diet,avoid overnight snacking,When very hungry, the blood sugar levels are very  low and there is a tendency to binge on anything that is around us which leads to consumption of empty calories.Eat often n small quantities,Drink plenty of water, at least 1.5 litres per day. Replace diet soda's and sugary drinks with water.Watching what you eat is not a disorder. Not watching and eating is.Avoid crash dieting as the Calorie restriction less than 1100/day leads to vitamin deficiencies and illness.
Surgery is considered as a last resort as not everyone is comfortable with the idea,Weight loss surgery  Bariatric surgery is ought-ed when the diet doesn't yield desired outcome,which is not sustainable in almost many of the individuals with absorption hindrances and limiting the capacity of the stomach.Homeopathy can help you in this regard, as we take in to consideration whether the issue is hormonal related or faulty lifestlye or any underlying aspect.The treatment in homeopathy is customized and encompasses constitutional approach with wonders. International clinical trials have shown that homeopathic remedies act as fat burners; they stimulate and hasten the body’s metabolic rate.
Stay Happy,avoid unnecessary stress,heard about the good old Chinese fable about a frog, which was happy in his well because it had everything he needed including an opening to see the sky,it realized the newer world when it met a turtle in big sea. Paul Ricour, the French philosopher and theologian, said, 'We find our own deepest understanding through relations and dialogue with others.we understand our ways of lives with others with an open mind, we start reflecting on what we have learned, which helps us gain insights about our own way of life and beliefs as well as about others’.
Way to burn calories is keep moving-Exercise- prevents lifestyle diseases and most importantly the precursor of many conditions- obesity,exercise increases the BMR and burns the calories.once you make time as a new year resolution, you will get into a new rhythm& its amazing where that rhythm will help us in joining a flowing river.


  1. I have planned the resolution of losing.This helps me.

  2. Giving ourselves a certain amount of time each day to work on our health seems to be the right thing to do. Unfortunately, unless we have a plan and the determination to take that time we end up filling that time with activities that are not as healthy for us. Especially those of us who work either outside the home or as a work at home individual. It is our duty to ourselves to commit and follow through on any healthy plan we can create for ourselves to get the weight off and keep it off.

  3. This is the perfect plan for a day ,
    Happy new year doctor, keep educating us .

  4. thanks gangaraju...first i thought its my Dad ..since he has the same name...thanks for reading the post n following :) keep us informed :)

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    @ENT whts the bad issue bothering u?

  6. In my opinion, in case the one decides to lose weight, it should be a resolution for all the rest life. He should change his life style and be ready not to return to wrong life style.