Crazy about health?

Obsessive and Crazy to be healthy??!!! That defeats the whole purpose of living well. If you're desperately trying to keep your cholesterol below 200, your blood pressure under 130 systolic, you're letting healthy living get the best of you.

It may not be your fault that you've become obsessive about eating right and staying in shape. Good health is also big business and both the media and medical profession do a pretty good job turning out Health Freaks who are coincidentally healthy consumers, but it is possible to live a healthy lifestyle without becoming consumed by the state of your constitution.

Moderation :-Don't fast or skip meals – take a few energy bars,Don't fall for diets that favor one food group or make grand promises. The best diets are well balanced nutritionally, promote moderation and are sustainable, Drink plenty of water,Moderate unhealthy sleep patterns. You may like to work or party into the night, but you need to get at least 6 hours of sleep. Eight hours is even better.Mobility : Daily Exercise puts Good Nutrition to work.Meditate:Before You Medicate

Live well

There are many admirable qualities in being a Health Freak so don't think I'm picking on you if you qualify. You're most likely loaded with energy and commitment and have a high level of integrity. You're also probably strong or shapely or both, but if you're ready for an easier route to good health or if you're simply striving to become nutritionally normal and sensibly in shape, remember to think Moderation, Mobility, Meditation…and Laughter. It’s your life. Enjoy yourself!