As you think, so you are....

Maximum of the diseases are thought to be psychosomatic which means that every disease has a resultant affect in the mind/body connection.

Now can we make a connection among stress, personality, and diseases? In other words, which emotional components were likely recognizable before the presenting symptoms of the disease? Although there are as yet no absolute answers, there is considerable research implicating certain personality types, emotional states, and diseases.

For example,researches have established a relationship between personality type and susceptibility to disease.

It is also discovered that some emotional states can be interfered with some diseases as :
  • Excessive Passivity or Excessive Fear can lead to Cancer
  • Over-achievement can lead to Ulcers
  • Craving For Love can lead to Obesity
  • Emotional Conflicts can lead to Endocrine disorders
  • Anger can lead to Cardiovascular disorders or Asthma
  • Depression can lead to Constipation
  • Inhibited Hostility can lead to High blood pressure
  • Ambitious or Rigid Personality can lead to Migraine

In Short,Take Care & try to improve or fix your personality as much as you can in order to be able to decrease risks of such diseases.


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