Find your energy

Each of your food sources gives you a certain amount of energy in calories. Protein and carbohydrates give you four calories per gram and fat gives you nine calories per gram, but it's about eating the right things to maximise your energy and stay healthy.
Eat small meals The key to keeping your energy up is to eat little and often
An ideal menu Have three meals a day and a couple of snacks. You should always eat breakfast as soon as you wake up, because you've been in a fasting state overnight.You can have carbohydrates at dinner, but, if you do, eat your dinner earlier – you won't wake up feeling sluggish and you'll be hungry, so will want breakfast.
It's good for non-vegetarians to eat vegetarian proteins, especially soya – it's an amazing source of protein, which will help give you energy. Apart from meat, it's the only complete protein, with all the amino acids.
A quick fix When you hit that 4pm slump at your desk, there are lots of snacks that will give you a boost of energy – a fruit smoothie or a banana are ideal, as the sugars are released straight into the bloodstream, unlike fat, which takes a long time to digest.The key is to prepare and plan in advance.

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