Defeat the Dread - Trichotillomaina

Another stress related disorder..Trichotillomaina(hair pulling) ...when most people talk about pulling out their own hair they use the phrase figuratively.Two in hundred individuals suffer from this.
Trichotillomania is not a cosmetological disorder but a psychosomatic ailment.
For individuals who suffer with trichotillomania, the urge to pull their own hair can be overwhelming. While this might seem to many like a bizarre, self-destructive behavior,this powerful urge can leave them with large bald spots on their scalp, no eyebrows, or no eyelashes.Hair is often pulled absentmindedly.

Troublesome emotions like anxiety, tension, anger, and sadness may increase the tendency to pull hair.Shame and embarrassment can have grave repercussions for self-esteem, social and career functioning, and may even lead individuals to avoid proper medical care.People can have complications when they eat the pulled-out hair (trichophagia). This can cause a blockage in the intestines or lead to poor nutrition.

PREVENTION:Early detection is the best form of prevention because it leads to early treatment. Decreasing stress can help, because stress may increase compulsive behavior.its a form of OCD(compulsive disorder).

These two studies auger well for those suffering with Trichotillomania, and by extension, those with similar impulse control conditions such asDermatillomaina (compulsive skin picking), and Onychophagia (compulsive nail biting). And though a “cure” is likely years off. A mind and body medicine, Homeopathy’s holistic approach proves the most effective course of treatment for psychosomatic disorders wit counseling and CBT-Cognitive and behavioral therapies.Homeopathy provides a safe and long-term solution for this unfortunate condition with not only the symptoms of the illness but also its cause returning the patient to good health and positivity.


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