Psyche and soma

Effort to connect womens' mind and body..

Emotional factors are the causes in gynaecological problems with wrong diet, heredity and other aetiology.Incresing PCO's Fibroids..what do they suggest??? women are often silent sufferers.Feeling good about herself and about her relationships with other people in her life, lead to good internal pelvic health.They are at risk when they feel controlled or criticized by others.
Whilst we talk about mind-body issues, it is also essential to draw attention to the fact that since the uterus is sensitive to the hormone oestrogen, anything that changes circulating oestrogen levels can affect it..
  • Ovaries are at risk when women feel controlled or criticized by others or when they themselves control or criticize others.
  • Chronic pelvic pain sufferers often have complex psychological and emotional histories. The physical pain is often related to unfinished emotional pain in either past or current relationships with partners or with jobs, or emotional or sexual abuse. Emotional stress in a woman’s personal or professional life that she perceives to be unresolvable is a big cause of pelvic pain.
  • Endometriosis develops when a woman’s innermost emotional needs are in direct conflict with what the world demands of her,its the tissue that forms the lining of the uterus which normally grows inside the uterus, grows in other areas of the pelvis and sometimes even outside the pelvis.
  • Fibroids often develop when there are conflicts about creativity, reproduction and relationships. If the underlying energy patterns, life questions, conflicts, and emotional issues are addressed, and changed, the fibroids usually do not grow or cause problems.
  • Problems in the vulva, vagina, cervix and lower urinary tract are usually associated with a woman’s feelings of violation in her relationship with another individual or in her job. Chronic vulvar problems like pain and itching may be associated with stress from anxiety and irritation at being controlled either by a partner or a situation
Homoeopathy is a system of medicine which takes a holistic view of every problem and learning about the life situation, relationships, working lives and diet as a totality, provides us with clues to the source of the body’s distress,thus
setting right wrong energy patterns in the human system


  1. I'm a 52 year old woman and I contacted this homeopathic web site for help with a pre-menopausal problem. I've had many years of menstrual "over-bleeding" of one sort or another, but the latest manifestation was a period that lasted over 2 months.

    Dr. Vandana prescribed an 11 day homeopathic treatment. On the 3rd day the bleeding stopped and became only spotting. Within 2 weeks all spotting was also gone. There were no side effects.

    I'm very impressed! I tend to avoid Allopathic medical care for the problems I have with my periods since many of the cures they offer seem eventually to be worse than the disease. I live in the USA and the medical establishment has done much over the years to discourage homeopathy here. I wish this was not so.

  2. greetings from germany,Thanks for ur advice, it worked on me, when to send ur consultation fee?

  3. Great post ! Being in Helping People -business myself it's lovely when I read about like-minded aproach to our problems. Have you heard about Tapping (EFT) ? I actually think that you must have... It was The Way for me to really get into working with The Universal Energy, with you in your way are working as well. It gives us a soft aproach to problems, not attacking them or having to dwell on them - but let the Universe take the charge. Which is in ourselves...

  4. thank u

    @ monit ..i need more about EFT.. not aware