Battling Baldness??

Losing hair?? Few things about normal hair loss – healthy individuals can expect to lose 70-100 strands of head hair daily. If you are losing more than this, or the hair you lose is either not being replaced or its getting thinner, finer hair,a process called miniaturization,you have a problem.

The progressive loss of hair is called Alopecia. Baldness is its ultimate form. The word Alopecia comes from the Greek "alopex" which means "fox", this animal being liable to lose its fur through a disease.

Shampoos, conditioners and hair loss prevention creams are being launched in our market almost every other day. Each claiming to be superior then the other. Each claims to cure conditions such as dandruff. Despite all the hype there is still no cure for this relatively benign but annoying condition.

Alopecia is mostly hereditary condition and is normal in some individuals. For men, it typically starts from the forehead and the hair loss continues to recedes further back till only a horseshoe-shaped fringe is left on the sides. For women, there is more diffuse hair loss throughout the scalp, but they seldom get bald.

Some of the hair loss is not necessarily genetic.Hair loss in patches (alopecia areata) and hair loss all over the body (alopecia universalis) are thought to be caused by an autoimmune disorder. Skin diseases, excessive hair treatments, and habits like wearing the hair pulled tight and pulling out hair are also known to cause severe hair loss in children and adults.Be proactive & consult a Homoeopath sooner possible.Approach towards constitutional treatment is highly successful.

Whatever you choose, remember that –
1 Most treatments will take time to work
2. Different things work for different people
3. And you will see improvements, but will rarely get back the coverage you had in your teens.

But all said and done proactively treating hair loss and thinning will increase hair growth for most people, and will make you look and feel better. So go for it! Finally ‘take it easy’ policy to reduce stress and by maintaining a healthy lifestyle regime. Life then becomes more pleasurable and worth every living minute!


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