Following from falling.. FAINT...?

FAINTED Ever? Ever felt with pale face and hands with cold sweat and blurred vision, Dizzy followed by unconscious spell? . The medical term for this loss of consciousness is “syncope”. Passing out or fainting.

The syncope may be psychological, cardiac, situational, vasovagal,drug or toxin related, neurogenic and more.Psychological issues can occasionally result in episodic loss of consciousness. Fainting from psychological causes can occur in individuals with anxiety, hysterical attacks and those with disordered emotional impairment.Others being Anaemia, hypoglycemia (decreased blood glucose), heat, hyperventilation and hypoxia (decreased oxygen levels in blood).

Fainting that occurs during defecation or micturation is situational syncope. This type of syncope can also occur from coughing and is more prone to occur in individuals who have “carotid hypersensitivity syndrome.

Vasovagal syncope is one of the most common causes of sudden loss of consciousness. It occurs in individuals who have excessive tone of the vagus nerve. These people may faint when excited by pleasant or unpleasant stimuli.

Passing out during a transient ischemic attack is known as neurogenic syncope. A transient ischemic attack is essentially a stroke or cerebrovascular accident that lasts for less than 24 hours with out any residual deficits.There are many cardiac causes of fainting
Orthostatic hypotension is a fairly common cause of passing out. This form of transient low blood pressure that occurs upon sitting up or standing may result from hypovolemia as occurs with dehydration or hemorrhage.
A well selected homeopathic remedy has its role to restore vital force back to normal,so as to treat the basic pattern.


  1. I have fainted before.... twice. Sone kid near me at the time said I looked like I

  2. I have fainted twice. One of my friends have also fainted and she was so pale.